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Pre-Registration Enrollment

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Pre-Registration Enrollment.

PNC has started Pre-Registration (session 2010-11 onwards) for all students inducted in different nursing diploma courses or degree programs by PNC registered institutions.

  • All inductions must be as per PNC set admission criteria's (
  • All institutions are required to pre-enroll their students immediately with PNC as per number of their approved courses and seats ( 
  • Complete pre-registration enrollment applications along with the list (hard & soft copy) of students must reach to PNC within 03 months of admission. 
  • Each registered institution is required to submit verified educational documents for all inducted students. 
  • Verification of student's educational documents (Matric/F.Sc etc.) is entirely the responsibility of institution. 
  • PNC will not be responsible in case of any fake documents submission for pre-registrations.
  • Each registered institution is require to submit all the relevant document/enrollment forms of a course for all inducted student altogether with sign and seal of principal. No revision/replacement, single, split or incomplete form will be entertained in any case.
  • All inducted students working in Government Department are required to submit NOCs issued from the respective competent authority.  
  • Pre-registration enrollment will not be entertained without submission of computerized copy  of pre-registration enrollment list by an email or CD/DVD (as per PNC format in MS Word or Excel format). 
  • Without Pre-registration, PNC will not register applicant's degrees or diplomas in any case.    

Requisitions for Pre-Registration:

  1. PNC Pre Registration Form filled by the student who is being enrolled in the specified course in with Black / Blue Ink.
  2. Pre-Registration List as per PNC Format / Pattern in hard & soft/computerized form.
  3. Soft / Computerized Copy of Submitted Pre Registration Enrolment List must be shared by an email to ( or by CD / DVD.
  4. Pre-Registration Fee Amounting Rs. 500/- Per Student.The Fee should be in the shape of Bank Draft in favor of Pakistan Nursing Council, Islamabad, Pakistan payable in any branch in Islamabad
  5. Attested Photocopy of Matric / Intermediate (Fsc) Certificates
  6. Attested Photocopy of Domicile
  7. Attested Recent Passport Size Photograph
  8. Attested Photocopy of Computerized National Identity Card/Form-B
  9. Attested Photocopy of PNC Registration Card for all students (if applicable)
  10.  Attested Photocopy of NOCs for student working in any Government Department
  11. Any other as per Admission criteria for subject course.

Enrolment form and list will be certified and signed by the head of institute. Head of Institute must ensure that all information written on from is according to the original documents. Enrollment List and Enrolment form must be sent to the PNC by post.

Deadline for Pre-Registration
The deadline for pre-registration of a course has been set as below:-

  1. Within 03 month of admission normal fee is Rs. 500/- per student 
  2. After 03 months, double fee will be charged i.e Rs. 1000/- per student.  
  3. No pre-registration case will be entertained after 05 months of admission. If any institution fails to pre-register its students with PNC, their student will not be allowed to sit in NEB Exam. 
  4. No pre-registration will be entertained if PNC receives incomplete/split/late applications.    

Updated 10.09.2015



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